Lv 57 Takedown gear swap shop

I’m currently farming the takedown for new gear and I assume others are too whilst the drops are buffed. Post on here what you’re looking for and I’ll see if i can help or message me on PSN my username is dave_jitsu

I’m looking for Cryo SNTNL redistributors preferably rad or shock elemental.

I’m looking for the same. And some Kybs for Moze.

So far to trade I have:

  • Auditing synergised redistributor cryo w/ digi clone ammo regeneration anointment.

  • Brr Kraketime Zheitsevs Eruption cryo w/ ase 50% shock on next 2 mags

  • Stimulating shredded Tiggs Boom shock w/ ASE fire rate and reload speed

  • Supergiant Version O.m ASE 50% bonus rad

  • Kybs Worth rad/fire w/ cryo SNTNL

  • Kybs worth fire/corrosive

  • Recharger w/ recharge shields on barrier deploy x2

  • Redistributor corrosive

  • Redistributor fire w/ ASE 100% melee

  • Craders EM-P5 w/ fire rate whilst sliding

  • Tiggs Boom corrosive w/ ASE 100% weapon damage

  • Version O.m w/ digi clone health regen

  • Version o.m w/ phaseslam damage reduction and movement speed

Yeah I’m after some kybs too and cloning maddening trackers if anyone comes across any. Think I’ve already got you on PSN, are you farming it?

Not at this moment. Probably tomorrow, first I want to finish the DLC.

Im looking for REDISTRIBUTORS CONSECUTIVE HITS, wotan just dropped the shock redist. sntnl 49 mag size.

I have sntnl redistributors in fire and radiation. i’d like the sntnl kyb’s and Cryo Zheitsev’s, ill have them sent tomorrow morning if you add me tonight.