Lv 70 loot hax @ 9 slices

I really wanna take on a 9 slice shadow trap. Anyone down?

Yeah, but only if we are 4 players, otherwise its frustratingly hard. Ad me nisse65

Its the only thing i have left to beat, maybe for a good reason :slight_smile:

Can be done with two player…

Make sure one is a Nisha with two luck cannons

I did it with a Friend…both of us Wilhelms…took FOREVER and was very dicey.

and he didn’t drop diddly…LOL

What do you mean by a “9 slice shadow trap”?

You can set the Claptrap DLC Mutator Arena hardness at levels 1 thru 9 (‘slices’ of birthday cake). You also can pick a bunch of modifiers to the game (e.g., arena is in a vacuum or buffs to elemental damage, etc.) Once in a while (randomly) Shadow Trap appears – a tougher enemy who drops good stuff sometimes.