Lv 72 Legendary Binder Build Help

So this is what i have come up with so far, i was wondering what i should invest my remaining points into? i was considering Mind’s Eye for the extra 20% crit bonus but if anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it.

It would help if you could tell us which gear you’re planning to use. But as for some general advice, I’d consider putting some points into Restoration. Since you picked Res, I’m assuming that you’ll be playing with friends. 1/5 in Sweet Release and 4/5 in Mind’s Eye takes you to the next tier, and that’s all you really need. The healing will be quite enough, and some extra crit bonus is always nice.

Sub Sequence is a skill that goes very well with Thoughtlock and Suspension. But it also makes your phaselock go the whole duration, every time. Without Thoughtlock, I’d advice you to not pick Sub Sequence. Better to have control over your phaslock, and also better to have more phaselocks in the same amount of time. 1/5 in Suspension should be enough in that case.

Depending on your gear and where you’ll be fighting, Accelerate, Kinetic Reflection and Inertia will be more or less useful. Guns with slow projectiles (Sandhawk, Slowhand, Plasma Casters etc.) Will benefit from Accelerate, but guns like Pimpernel suffer from it. Keep that in mind! If you have a shield with a really low recharge delay, then Inertia might not be needed. But it’s really great in situations where you pick up DoT’s all the time.

Kinetic Reflection is obviously great when enemies shoot at you, and useless against creatures. There are just a couple of areas that only have creatures, so it’s usually a good idea to have it. In areas such as the WEP, the enemies that shoot at you are relatively easy to deal with, but the creatures are not. So go with your gut on that!

Your choice of gear will affect your build, so it’s hard to pinpoint everything, but here’s a suggestion. It’s based around a Legendary Binder COM in Co-Op, without using Moxxi weapons. You can deal serious damage, heal yourself and friends and control the enemies with it. Just make the changes you need to match it with your gear, and you’ll be Ace! :wink:
I’ve never really run a L. Binder set up before so my suggestion would be to listen to the advice of the person above me, but as for my 2 cents here they are :grin: The point in Kinetic Reflection is for using with a Blurred/Mirrored Trickster com- between whatever boost you get from that and a good absorb shield bullets will be a small problem to deal with (an Antagonist might go good with that as well). Thoughtlock seems like a natural fit with the rest of your build and some healing from Elated is always a good thing. Can’t say that I really like rank based skills on any character but that’s just me- anyways, good luck with your travels in Pandora…

I use this with an Evolution shield, longbow Slag Transfusion grenade, and a corrosive BoA.