LV50 gear. Before or during/after TVHM

I just posted a topic a few minutes ago about saving missions for the endgame, when you unlick mayhem mode. I also including a second problem, concerning TVHM but I edited it out of the post as I felt it would be more cohesive to have a separate blog post for it, instead.

Basically, I feel like I’m getting conflicting information. People are saying to leave missions until your LV50, so you get LV50 rewards. But are they talking about getting to LV50 before doing the missions? Because if they are, that would make the increased XP of TVHM redundant. Or is it like BL2, where you can go back and forth, from TVHM back to NVHM?

Somebody PLEASE clarify. I’m basically asking, what’s the general order that you should do all this in? And I know that some people will probably post reply’s like ‘Just play the game how you want’ or ‘Do it in whichever order you feel like’ but this issue is plaguing me, every time I boot up the game, now

People are saying to do them at level 50 for rewards other than xp, even that still gets put towards your guardian rank at level 50. Rewards such as the bekkah, cloudkill, redistributor, etc
nvhm and tvhm can be swapped the same as before in bl2 - but it saves their position in each playthrough so you can be farming in 1 and have the other in sanctuary to store goods

  • btw; mayhem modes make the difference in xp between the 2 redundant as is

My suggestion would be: at least for your first character, do as much as possible in normal mode as you go. This will give you a variety of good gear at various levels you can store in the bank for subsequent characters.

Once you’ve completed the main story on NVHM on your first character, you’ll have your GR unlocked for all characters. You can then chose to either continue through TVHM to hit level 50, or stay in NVHM and do the slaughters and trials to do the same thing. (This can be sped up by using the different mayhem modes.)

Personally, I hit level 50 in NVHM. I can now go through TVHM with every map/mission at level 50 and claim specific main and side quest rewards that way. Given that you can easily reach 50 in normal (especially with the DLC added) I think this is the optimum route.

If you were to start TVHM before hitting level 50, main and side quests would be at your level when you accepted them but that would also lock the level of the rewards. IOW you could accidentally accept a side quest before you hit level cap and deprive yourself of the level 50 reward unless you reset the entirety of your TVHM play-though.

So if you want to replay the story on the same character, maybe do that but leave all the side quests until you hit level 50. On the other hand, if you’d rather save as much as possible for max level, delay starting TVHM and just level up in NVHM.