LVL 25+ NEEDED Takes less than 5 minutes!

Can someone help me getting out of claptraps brain? I’m stuck in his brain and I need to complete the mission before I’m able to get out. I’ve been trying for so long now that I went from level 15 to level 17 in his brain and now you’re thinking; that’s only 2 levels, and that’s correct but I got that XP for killing level 30 enimies because for some reason I need to kill about 7 level 30 enimies with my level 10-15 weapons, by the time that I killed 2 the first one respawns and I can’t rush to the checkpoint because I need to jump alot and stuff… It takes them 2 shots to kill me and around 200-250 for me to kill them.

Please help
psn: lukaboy123

You’ll find more help in a category so I’ve moved your thread into the PS4 section.
Good luck and happy looting.

Never mind, I did it. It only took me 8h…

You started the DLC way under level. It is correctly balanced in difficulty if you start it around level 30.