Lvl 40 Krieg hellborn build

I finished normal mode with mania skill tree with no problem and I switched to hellborn for tvhm to try something different. I’m lvl 41 now and I go to ffyl a lot. Can anyone give me a good skill tree build and a suggestion of some good weapons that work with hellborn tree.

Start with this

Eventually work Flame Flare in there as you can. Experiment with it since it extends burn time and can cause you to burn up post fight if you don’t have enough health stacked.

Maliwan guns and AoE grenades should keep you on fire.
Adaptive shields are your best friend until you can get a Rough Rider, Flame of the Firehawk or Neogenator. Just look for the highest health boost - other stats don’t matter.

I just got the rough rider and filled flame flare. Should I go down the bloodlust tree now

Get a point in Thrill for a tad extra healing. Not totally necessary but it’s just a point.

Then you can certainly work on filling tier 1 of Bloodlust. Tier 2 won’t help you, so straight to Bloodbath.

From there it’s a bit optional : Nervous/Boiling Blood to Bloodsplosion (which isn’t extremely effective with Hellborn).
Or Strip the Flesh, Redeem the Soul and Salt the Wound.

I recommend the latter option.

By the way, end game guns will be elemental with sufficient splash to trigger Blood Bath.

Maliwan and Tediore SMGs
Most rocket launchers - Badaboom is a personal fave

Pimpernel works well with EE stacks. It doesn’t trigger Blood Bath, but then it doesn’t need to :wink:

Gub is also super fun with max stacks.