Lvl. 40, still only find pistols... What is happening!?

Update, official support has asked me to delete my save, uninstall the game, install again and start over as of 245pm on Feb 11th 2020 so that’s what I’ve done on top of resetting Win 10 just to be absolutely sure

All I find is pistols and crappy Shields and it’s all I’ve ever found and I mean that literally. Even shift gets only get me pistols or bad shields and maybe a bad grenade.

I got a couple decent weapons from coop trade but they have become under leveled and I still only find garbage, even from boss and special events.

If you’re asking why level 40 it’s because I’m like 98% finished the campaign and then I moved onto the side quests and ive also helped many friends get through most of the game including their side quests.

What is going on here!?


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