Lvl 50 and 61 legendaries and other rare loot. Trading post

Legendary(ORANGE), PEARLESCENT, PINK, ETECH, PURPLE and other rare(BLUE) loot.

Take a look, if you see anything you like shoot me a
Message. I’m always willing to trade.


Skookum skullmasher 50
Banbury Volcano 50

Lvl 61
Suppressive Pitchfork, corrosive
Pacifying Pitchfork
Skorry Lyudmila, burn
Gromky Lyudmila x4, 1 slag 1 burn 1corrosive, 1 non elemental
Tumtum Skullmasher
Gentleman’s Volcano

Rightsizing Bitch 50
Hefty babymaker, slag 50
Bulets go fasterified Slagga, slag 50

Bulets go fasterified Slagga
Hefty Babymaker, burn
Consummate Hellfire, burn

Reactive conference call, slag 50
Practicable conference call, shock 50
Sledge’s shotgun 50

Practicable Conference Call x2, corrosive slag
Readctive Conference call
Sledges shotgun, slag

Dastardly Maggie 50
Stiff Unkempt Harold 50
Purging Ifinity, corrosive 50

Righteous Infinity, corrosive
Patriot’s infinity, burn
Purging Infinity
Explicit Unkempt Harold, explosive
Marxmans Gub, corrosive

Deep Veruc

Dippity Nukem, explos
Puissant Pyrophobia, burn
Punitory Norfleet, burn
Puissant Norfleet x2, 1slag 1shock

Also I’ll be willing to farm for some loot for trade, if
You are looking for a specific item, let me know.I can’t guarantee I can get it but I will let you know if I can try or not. Any specifics would be nice so I don’t have to search myself…


A legendary engineer class mod any lvl. If you have it that’d be great. If at all possible , could you farm it?

Let me try. I’ll get back to you later on if I get anything

Thanks man

No problem, thank me if I manage to get it. Spent an hour trying to spawn chubby and get one legendary sniper class mod… Gotta work in a bit for a few hours, give me like a day tho…

It’s still appreciated though. :+1:

A Norfleet (Explosive) is a modded / hacked item. The Norfleet is not legitimately available in Explosive.

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Please remove the explosive Norfleets from your list to ensure this trade thread remains open. Those are modded and not permitted to be traded here.

Thanks for the heads up on those two norfleet. i don’t want those types of weapons floating around. I played back on the 360 where random people would literally pop into your server and empty out there inventory and leave…

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The Patriots infinity
The righteous infinity the consumate hell fire
The suppressive pitchfork
The gromky lyudmila - fire and corrosive.
This would be really helpful in my ultimate playthrough I really appreciate it.

What do you have to trade? Im willing to part with some

Hoplite any lvl

What do you want? Exactly because I have lvl 72 stuff. Intermittent lvl gear.

Slagga, murderinf and fasterified
Skull masher
Alkaline the bee

What’s that? Specifics. Location, enemy, weapon type even lol

What lvl do you want those at?

72? Or any lvl?

72 maybe some for lvl 50 for my new guys

I have a lvl 69 skullmasher.
Lvl 68 Slag conference call and non elemental.
Lvl 50 fire conference call and non elemental.
Lvl 50 Double Penetrating Unkempt Herald
Lvl 50 Corrosive, shock and fire infinity pistols