Lvl 50 bunker farming

looking for people to help me farm bunker, or a similar boss. I am playing a lvl 50 commando, and would like some help, even if you are too low a lvl to help kill the bosses, you can still help by reviving me, and in turn, you can have all the eridium dropped

easy my I can help you

my name steam is tehnickster1214.

I’d love to bore a hole through his fo’ head for you but I’m on PS3.

I can find you on steam, here is a link to my profile

add me so we can play

If it helps, I found an easy way to kill his as Axton was to run to the top of the waterfall at the beginning of the fight (just run past all the spawning Loaders). From there you can just throw your turret down the steps and while BUNKR attacks that you can happily blow him to bits. Only very rarely does a loader jump up at you and the odd one is easy to deal with. The only things you have to worry about are the lasers which periodically sweep the waterfall, but they don’t do much damage anyway, and BUNKR’s rockets, but you can use the cover of the waterfall to great effect to avoid those. Once up there it’s pretty easy

i know, thats what ive been doing, it becomes even easier with a hyperion pistol/smg and a bee shield. its just the loot is better when there are two or more people, which is why i made this post

Still want to farm him?
Just add me and leave a message on steam: meiyouan