Lvl 50 Celestial Blademaster Class Mod

Anyone got a Celestial Blademaster class mod i can have? i dont have anything worth trading. im level 50 right now but ill take a level 30+ if no one wants theirs until i can grind properly for my own. Thank you.

Doesn’t exist.

oh okay thanks, well is there a different legendary or even unique class mod that boosts melee and whatnot for Athena?

^ This one is considered her best melee COM. A blue one with +6 Omega-senshu and +5 Clarity of Purpose.

thanks a lot, do you know of anyone who might be looking to get rid of a ruthless blademaster or that bloodthirster?

No sorry. But they aren’t that hard to get.

awesome, well thanks anyway

easy to get as in – take any three purple class mods (can be non-athena ones) and grinding (with athena) guarantees another gladiator purple class mod. quit out & try again if you don’t get what you want.

I like the way you think. thanks a lot.