Lvl 50 gear worthless?

Is it now worth selling all bank gear and refilling with lvl 53 gear i find? … Grind life :v:

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In term of gear viability, you have no real reason to do that…


Replace it as you find it . Ran two characters yesterday both in Mayhem four up to 53 and my weapons felt far from weak .


It’s not worthless. If you had good gear and your build is solid, I’d recommend that you keep using what you have until you actually find something better to replace it.


You mind me asking which character you were running and setup?

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I ran Zane with my level 50 gear and wrecked lvl 54s just as easily as 51s. So as everyone else has said replace it as you find it.


Keep your 50s for now they still work well but in a months time they will be heavily under levelled


Moze Blastmaster com mix of demo and shield tree .
Zane Seeing dead semi meta build tier one gear .

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Good to know, thanks.


My “good” legendaries still melt through enemies on m4, so 5he answer is no!


Personally, I’m not bothering farming at all. Good anointed level 50 gear should be fine until the next levelcap( say 56 by GB’s math ). My mindset
Is if I happen to come across a good roll while leveling then great. Between this and a healthy group of good lads on the trading forums there’s no need to go crazy. There’s already level 53, perfectly anointed Maggie’s all over the trading forums :wink:


I think this whole patch was a lot more calculated by GB then most of us assumed. UI is very smooth for me now, the level cap, got to 53 in one TD run. Gear is replace as you go, not junk immediately. Very pleased.


If that’s the case then perhaps they changed the loot pool and more importantly anointed drops. This would almost have to be a must given the vast amount of gear in this game. I also wonder if the developers calculated actual gear usage in the game. If you have 1000 pieces of loot between shields, weapons etc and overall 50% are used by the majority of the community they very well could have increased drop rates on those to counter the re-farming of cleared out banks. Hopefully this is true because it would set the stage for easier transitions to future level cap increases.

The loot comes in so fast. Make a usb backup - just in case you change your mind. Dump everything apart from your current loadout, best artefacts and coms, and maybe 20 rare tradeable items. Then see how happy you feel having space to play and having the feeling of finding loot again…

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the difference between 50 and 53 is pretty huge. but 50 are atleast usable

Couldn’t play last week, had massive storm in the UK and was without power for a couple of days. Off work for a week now so definitely hook up if your free.

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I’m going to be rephrase part of your comment to say “most of y’all assumed”. When the few of us said 3 points is a good thing or it at least it’s not as bad as the rest of y’all are freaking out about we got a whole host of accusations thrown our way. Someone even went as far as calling us trolls. So I just want to make it clear that I am NOT a member of the group of the sky is falling, the ocean is boiling, overreacting, hysterical folks that roam these forums. Thanks! :grin:


With the history of patches, I believe a lot (or some) of people were worried with validation.

There is no right nor wrong way to think about it.

Sry if that was me…

I think I used the words ‘Troll Army,’ but my post was removed by the moderators.



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Once again we disagree because the history of patches, to me, has been mostly good. It’s never been flawless mind you but the trend line, to me at least, has been positive; even when they break stuff. For example, the GR debacle. The patch (patch #4, 21 Nov 19) that broke GR also laid the groundwork for Zane to be God tier with the Seein’ Dead com because that’s the patch that made his kill skills stack. Patch #5 included the Moxxi’s Heist DLC and had a lot of fixes but it also screwed up the map echo screen for my super wide monitor so I can’t navigate using the left menu anymore (it’s still broken :grin:). I say all this because I want to be clear that I’m not saying that there are no problems, but it has been my personal experience that the good outweigh the bad.

I want to highlight my use of the word “personal”. The way human memory works is such that we tend to remember bad things with greater intensity than good things. If you think about it it’s a VERY useful evolutionary advantage (e.g., REMEMBER not to eat that berry or mushroom that had you shitting yourself for 3 days straight :laughing:). So because I’m aware that I am biological wired to focus on the negative I make a conscious decision to try and not succumb to my nature. This doesn’t mean I walk around thinking “everything is great!” It just means I’m less likely to assume the worse when I don’t have enough information to know with a high degree of certainty that the worst is going to happen. And when the good and the bad are possible in equal proportions I prepare myself for the worse while hoping for the best.