Lvl 50 legendaries

Hey guys ive got the following for trade:
lvl 50 slagged rubi
lvl 50 double penetrating unkempt harold
lvl 50 attack bearcat
lvl 50 quick drawler badaboom
lvl 50 hide of terramorphus
lvl 50 the bee
lvl 50 slayer of terramorphus
lvl 50 Trick shot infinity
lvl 50 deep a nukem
looking for pretty much whatever for them aslong as they are same value and legendary
ive also got alot of lower level legendaries aswell so just swing me a message and
ill send you a list with what else ive got

Id be willing to trade for that attack bearcat, I have a few pearls and most of the legendaries if ya want msg me at DeadlyxTwinky21

alright dude ill message you next time imm on

Im on now if ya want

getting on no buddy anna send me an inbox on here of what you have