Lvl 50 Nisha looking for coop to do the Mutator arena for The Gift that Keeps on Giving achievement

I’m looking for one or more players that want to get or help me do The Gift that Keeps on Giving achievement in the Claptastic Voyage DLC. This is my last achievement to 100% the game and all DLCs,

I’m not a fan of wave-based things like this and would like to do it with others. If you are up for this my gamertag is baazfury. I’m on every night aroung 8:00 p.m. MDT, USA, UTC -6:00.

I am playing a level 50 Nisha character. I have a headset with a mic.

Even though I went through this DLC on Normal Vault Hunter mode, this arena appears to scale to your level or goes to 50. When I did the DLC on normal, enemies were level 38, but this quest is at level 50, like Terramorphus in BL2 after the main storyline is finished. I’m at level 50, so I don’t know if it scales to highest player’s level, like UVHM does.

Im down to help im also a lvl 50 nisha. My gt is xxxxhilbersxxxx

Great! I’ll send you an invite when I get online. I have the Cortex cued up and ready to go.