Lvl 50 out to beat TVHM

Tired of tvhm and am going to try to get to uvhm. On my way to smash bunkr. A group could be helpful. Have a mic and be to level. Or be to level to kill everything and don’t use a mic. That would work too. I’m also looking to get my hands on high level TORGUE weapons from TOURGE machines. I have 999 tokens saved but only have access to level 39 weapons :frowning:
Gamertage is Superior Dee

i got a lvl 50 commando, I’m willing to try uvhm, haven’t started yet either (on this character)
I have a Mic, I’ll be on in about an hour if you’re still down

I’m level 50 mechro, aerochr1s24. I’m near the end of tvhm.