Lvl 50 Reset Fast Travel

I have level 50 FL4K and started a new character. When I load my lvl 50 and go to sanctuary I try to fast travel. There are no planets but Pandora. And Pandora has ALL zones available but no open fast travels. Can I get this fixed with my lvl 59 please. I have reset my game, loaded both characters and same result.

Xbox Live

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I had the same problem. I had to jump into someone else’s game who then teleported me to one area on each of the planets and they would begin to show up again.

No fast travels are visible until you traverse the maps and run across them again.

This happened on my Siren character one I reached level 50. Very annoying and time wasting.

Also I am stuck on 6/7 areas on the Anvil map despite being everywhere, doing all the missions and collectable.

I was afraid of that solution. Already started.