Lvl 50 trading list have lots to trade

Below are the items I will trade for all of them must be lvl 50
Flying sandhawk fire element Dahl grip and stock
Critical conference call
Hide of terramorphus
Magic missile
Any legendary sniper rifle
Fire rapid infinity
I have lots of legendarys and other weapons and items to trade for theese weapons if you have any and want to trade my gamertag is Chaos ScorpionZ

FYI, there is no such thing as an elemental Rapid Infinity. The Rapid Infinity is always Non-elemental. Your best best is probably a Vengeful Infinity (Fire) with a Vladof grip. IIRC, it would have a 10.4 Fire Rate. See the Infinity Variant Chart on the BL2 wiki.

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I have the practicable conference call and the dandy volcano, il take the infinity or the hide of terra, I also have the bee and impailer, lobbed breth of terra too any of these for any Norfleet or anyother legendery, preferblly an infinity pistol lv 47+

GT- Bleunose

If you are still here, I’ve got magic missile, I want to trade for a Gaige head, bullet in her bonnet, haven’t been able to get it to drop, I’ve also got a few legendaries, (rigorous kerblaster,Dandy volcano and juicy flakker)

I’ve got a level 50 terra hide, would be looking for a conference call…