Lvl 50 zero gear suggestion

My zero right now load out is
Lvl 50 inflammable bee
Lvl 50 shock conference call
Lvl 50 Legendary Hunter
Lvl 50 slag baby maker
Longbow legendary tourge gernade mod(forgot the name its dropped by Boom)
Lvl 50 flying sandhawk Dahl grip and stock(no element looking for a fire one)
Is this gear good for zero? Becuase I’m trying to get a lvl 50 norfleet a flying sandhawk Dahl grip and stock fire element
A magic missile
And any legendary sniper I prefer maliwan (I don’t like the kind of barrel that shoots lasers)

You want the pimpernel sniper it’s blue sniper rifle hands down one of the best snipers in the game.

I recommend consulting The Community Zer0 Guide - All you ever wanted to know thread in the Zer0 subsection of the Borderlands 2 section of the Forum. It has links to Builds, Skills and Gear among other things.

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