Lvl 53 Top tier guns and shields and more for trade

I’m looking for the following legendary and epic items at level 53 with certain anointments.

*Maggie with 5% damage per kill
*Scourge, any element with anointments for splash after exiting IB and on ase and elemental damage on ase
*High damage proterbulance with splash on ase and after exiting IB
*stagecoach high damage, 22-25pellets with 100% damage on ase and cryo on ase
*Stuffed shredded lump I need a corrosive one with 100% on ase or after damaged by rakks. Also interested in any other stuffed shredded lumps for Fl4k and Moze.
*Cutsman corrosive and incendiary with splash and increased damage to bosses on ase
*big boom blaster with 75% extra shield after exiting IB
*cloning maddening tracker OGT
Clusterfck or higher(12-21) OGT if 12-18 must be roided
*Rain firestorm OGT
*Corrosive lyuda with 100% damage or boss damage on ase
*Transfusion grenades preferably shock or radiation with elemental damage on ase, I would prefer cryo and corrosive on ase. I only use atlas and Hyperion no one wants a Tediore transfusion.
*Stop gap shield with elemental damage on ase
*Host with splash after exiting IB

The following items I need anywhere between level 50-53 granted they are god rolls at 50.

*Binary kyb’s worths with splash after exiting IB (with elements that complement each other please)
*Victory rush with grenade damage, action skill cooldown and AOE damage(don’t care about the prefix it can be an epic if it has those 3)
*Mindsweeper with 1 point in redistribution and 4 in fire in the skag den with grenade damage, action skill cooldown and crit damage
*Elemental projector Otto idol with incendiary damage and or splash damage/AoE damage.
*Rakk pakk class mod with splash damage and 3 points in pak tactics.

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I got this
Wanna swap em out?

For sure send a request to megadethwm I’ll send it soon.

Hold onto it for an hour if you want I need to wait until I can shoot mail again.

I got you added already boss.

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I’ll send it to you in one hour. Mekillyou1212

PSN: Sefiroh

Trying to get my hands on that 100 % ASE Maggie. I may have a few things for you.

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Got a Kyb’s x2 with Fire/Cryo and Iron Bear 160% splash anointment. Want to trade it for your Dictator x6 ASE 100% if you’re interested

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Ugh I could really use that rowans call with bonus radiation damage

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What’s your PSN?

EzioILMentore. Add me I’ll mail ya the Kyb’s when I get online

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Send me a message on PSN when you accept and I’ll send it over if I’m on.

Don’t know if these elements complement each other

if you’re interested I would take Gamma burst Maggie or the redundant brain stormer,or cryo Hex if you have any of those left.

Yea. When I say complement that means not cryo/corrosive or shock/rad since they both work and suck on the same elements.
What’s your PSN.

I’ll send you a message when I’ll mail ur weapon, rn I’m gonna take a small nap. Accepted your friend request btw, thanks :smiley:

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Ok wasn’t sure thanks, psn is CaptainHowdy_1

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I got those sent over to you.

Your a beast! Thanks man.

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Do you still have the fire kyb’s worth by any chance?


I was looking for kyb’s worths, I had a cutsman and the event SMG