Lvl 53 Wedding Invitation with 250% damage after phasecast trade for Moze anoint

I got a real nice Wedding Invitation for Amara, I only play Moze. Anyone want to trade for a comparable Moze anointed version?

Here is a pic.

Pretty sure I have one with the kills increase IB cooldown anoint. Any interest in that?

May also have another Moze anoint one, I’ve done this with two Moze chars. Will check when I get on later tonight.

I would prefer a damage buff.

Got one of these I can send you, what’s your GT?

GT: BFate

I will be on later tonight.

Just mailed you the gun, enjoy!

My GT’s Buffel Saft. I’ll be on in a few hours from now if you want to trade in game rather than mail it.

Duuude! I’ve been crying out for the 250! I have the 25% crit increase on a.s.e. am I too late??

Sorry I got home late from running the kids around yesterday. I will mail it tonight.

No problem, whenever you’ve got time is fine.

Sent it last night