Lvl 57 Trade Proposals

After a solid leveling and farming session that was equal parts awesome and equal parts frustrating as hell (looking at you evil st lawrence :face_vomiting: ) I have a few trade proposals;

This beauty;

I’d like to trade this for the 57 digi clone health regen version… or any type of 57 Ion laser.

I also have these (all 57) available;
(Purple) Wicked Marshal Masher - ASE next 2 mags fire
Artic Disciplined Night Hawkin - ASE next 2 mags fire
Shocking 9 Volt - ASE next 2 mags fire
DP Pneumatic Laser Sploder (Rads) - Clone swap reload
Itchy Try Bolt (Rads) - Enemies <25% health = ^50% Damage
(Purple) Cost Effective Amp Q-System - ASE 100% damage
Cash Infused Con Call (Shock) - ASE 15% Life steal
Lob (Rads) - Sliding fire rate :grimacing:
Ruby’s Wrath - SNTNL 100% bonus cryo
(Purple) Stuffed Shredded Lump (Cryo) - Iron Bear exit = 160% splash for 18s
Expert Storm - Clone swap 130% damage

Various ledge shields with no anointments - RRider, Stop Gap, Re-Router & Re-Charger
Various Grenades - Fire Epicenter, Fastball (ase gren regen), Fire Fastball, It’s Piss, Hippity Hopper
5 different Victory Rush relics, a planetoid & white elephant.

What I’m looking for; (It’d be nice to have a “useful” anointment but I’m not fussed)
Breath of the dying
Ion Laser
Hive (Radiation)
Infinity (Cryo or Fire)

Cheers, happy hunting & stay safe.
GT = Trathenator

I want that transformer, if I find what you’re after I’ll def trade.

Check your mail, it’s sent. I’m sure you’ll find something suitable to send back another time. Cheers.

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You’re a legend, I’ll keep my eyes open for stuff on your list. Which character(s) you use so I can watch for annoints?

Zane mostly, but I play Amara & Flak too.

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I’ll send anything decent I come across :slight_smile:

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