Lvl 61 Krieg Solos Raid Bosses Using Non Unique Gear Only

I’m lvl 61 and enjoy playing as non melee Krieg.
So far I have successfully taken down Pete and Hyperius with non unique gear (no red text / special effects)
Now trying other raid bosses. Builds/Gear used are posted in individual replies below. I’d appreciate some suggestions and critiques.

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Pete the Invincible

General Strategy
Seraph guardian inTorgue DLC. I personally feel he is among the easiest raid bosses in terms of using non unique gear. His attacks are less fatal, and you have more freedom to remove the dot effects on you / summon low health enemies for second wind / kill skill, no need for pre-stacking, etc.

The biggest challenge fighting Pete with non unique gear is, the ammo. Thus you cannot plan on a lasting fight but an attempt to kill him as fast as possible. This requires using the Fuel the Blood skill and a Diesel Blister COM. As Krieg, you do not have to depend on transfusion grenades even without red text gear. Elemental Empathy is enough to heal you. Use Pain is Power to boost your gun damage.

Gear Used
E-tech Tediore pistol (shock)
E-tech Tediore SMG (shock)
E-tech Vladof launcher (shock)
Purple quality Maliwan sniper rifle (slag + bayonet)
Gemstone Hyperion shotgun (shock)
White quality alkaline turtle shield
Diesel blister
Purple quality homing Tesla (shock)
Bone of the ancients (shock)

The Play

  1. Summon Pete and throw 2-3 Tesla grenades to regenerate your health and stack bloodlust. The advantage of using a homing grenade is you do not need to aim and it gives you more time to avoid Pete’s attacks.

  2. Open sewer and release rats

  3. Use the slag Maliwan bayonet sniper rifle to melee a rat

  4. Use the same weapon to slag Pete

  5. Switch to the SMG and start throwing reloads on Pete until onkill times out

  6. Repeat this cycle until you run out SMG and pistol ammo

  7. By this time you should have taken out Pete’s whole shield and 1/3 (or even more) of his health

  8. Throw a tesla towards the rats

  9. When the rat is killed and blood bath activated, switch to the Maliwan sniper and slag Pete

  10. Switch to E-tech launcher and shoot Pete

  11. When you run out rocket ammo, switch to shotgun and repeat.

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Hyperius the Invincible
General Strategy
Seraph guardian in Pirate DLC. He has the lowest health but is harder for players to land a hit. Using non unique gear puts you in a situation where you have to speedkill Hyperius since once his shield is up you will have a hard time dealing with his minions.

Gear Used
E-tech Tediore SMG (fire)
Green + quality Dahl sniper rifle (corrosive)
Purple quality Tediore pistol (slag)
Absorption shield
Diesel blister
Green + quality singularity grenade (any element)
Bone of the ancients (fire)

The Play

  1. Open the gate but before entering the arena, cripple a loader outside of the arena by shooting its belly with the Dahl sniper rifle. This will sever its legs from the body, making it less likely to shoot you with its laser beam. If it’s shooting laser beam you cannot use the singularity grenade to drag it into the arena. The Dahl burst fire should do the job pretty quickly.

  2. Use the grenade to drag it into the arena. Make it as close to Hyperius as possible. Try not to blast Hyperius otherwise you start the fight prematurely.

  3. Deal corrosive DoT to the loader and stack bloodlust.

  4. When you reach 90+ bloodlust and the loader’s health is nearly 0, melee the loader and activate Fuel the Blood

  5. Use the pistol to slag Hyperius

  6. Start reloading your SMG on Hyperius

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Sounds good in theory. Is there a reason you don’t wanna bloodsplode Pete? Also, use Tediore Plasma Casters, they have a higher mag size. :slight_smile:

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Yeah Plasma Caster is what I mean when saying “E-tech Tediore SMG”. It’s not only good in theory but I have tested it myself

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The reason I dont use bloodsplode is my GPU burns up.


The Invincible Son of Crawmerax the Invincible

Don’t have this DLC yet but it would be the third easiest raid boss with non unique gear since the varkids don’t dive underground as Terra’s tentacles do. You will need to activate your kill skill to deal with this boss.

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Ah I see. :smiley:

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better to make it complete. Like instead of tediore pistol indicate if it is a dart or spiker, indicate also what maliwan sniper it is, what diesel blister it is.

For pete i think he resist grenade damage, so you are better off starting with a shock Topneaa then switching to fire topneaa.

Great guide all in all.

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Ancient Dragons of Destruction

General Strategy
Seraph guardian in Tiny Tina’s DLC.
I haven’t pulled this one through yet but I’m close. You might be surprised that they are the next easiest raid boss after son of crawmerax. - unlike Terra, the dragons land as you wish (shoot) and their attacks are also less lethal compared with Terra’s. They are also much easier to be inflicted with DoTs. Since I have not pulled this one through yet, I am going to post my specs and gear and thoughts here for your critique. This method I have been using adopts a great deal of “drop-pickup-reload” technique.

As is shown in the image below.

One big bonus of fighting with non red text is that you get the chance to fully explore gear in this game and to minimize the efficiency by trying different parts and combinations.
Selected gear as shown in the image
2 34%20copy

The Play
As is shown in the image below.


Check out the dragon one. Should be detailed enough.

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very detailed. Nice :+1::+1:

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Cool, small correction: Dahl burst sizes are affected by the stock, not the barrel or grip. So if you want a bigger burst, go for a Dahl stock. That also means you can change you barrel to something like Vladof or Jakobs, not sure which one is better for this application.

Otherwise great job!


Thank you for reminding. I tried and found both the barrel and the stock affect the burst. You can test it for yourself. The grip however, does not. For pistols, they don’t have a stock so their burst is only affected by barrel.


Yes, but only the Dahl barrel affects the burst size. Vladof, Jakobs, Hyperion and Maliwan are all equal. My bad for not being clear about it. ^^

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