Lvl 62 Commando, UVHM trying to locate Legendary Soldier Mod

Looking and farming for hours, wife getting pissed for spending so much time. But I gotta find one.

I suggest you post in the relevant trade section (HC PS4 or XB1, BL2 PS3/PC/360). I might have a spare higher level one, but I have no idea what platform you’re on…


If you have the mercenary day dlc just farm the snowman.

Loot midgets would be the next best source for the vanilla legandary.

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Like @dtesky said, the loot train in the Mercenary Day headhunter pack is your best bet. It’s the best source for the vanilla legendary COMs.

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Another good bet are tubbies, which have a good chance of spawning wherever there are a lot of a particular enemy type, like skags, spiderants, and stalkers.

I thought Tubbies only dropped their exclusive Legendary Class Mods, not the vanilla ones. Am I wrong about this? I honestly can’t remember if I ever got any of the original Class Mods from them.

You’re right.

Op is level 62 so he could go do that but I imagine it’d take longer to get a doc one from a tubby than the vanilla from the train.

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Well, did’nt know I posted in the wrong arena, however since people have responded I would like to respond. I have oppened that train at least enough times to go from lvl 58 to lvl 63 (now) by kinning the snowman, seen many legendaries but none for Axton, been to the Dust and have not sen one tubbie behind Ellies, I might end up lvl 72 before i score one, never had this much trouble with my other charactors, plus, not interested in getting anything handed to me, just wish it didn’t take so long. Thanks for the advice.

Please include in which console you play on (XB3, PS3, PC, PS4, XB1) so I can move your topic to the correct section.

if you’re on xbox one i have a level 60 and 65 one you can have

I am using a PC to game, been on this stupid computer like 5 hours and farmed everything and can not come up with one crummy legendary mod. Long time ago I would sometimes find 5 legendaries in the train at once, I guess those were the days my friends.

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That, unfortunately, is just the way RNG goes - it blows hot and then cold. Just do something else for a bit - you never know what you’ll find.

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