Lvl 64 on xbox one tps leveling

Im level 64 on the xbox on tps. If you would like to join my game or vice versa im willing. My ign is greosthejew. Im trying to reach max level but its a slow process when its all solo.

Iā€™m not on xbox one but you can just restart campaign, play till you rez jack and then reset again and you will be there in a few hours.

How do you reset campaign?

when you select your character you should be presented with the different game modes. If you highlight Ultimate vault hunter mode you should have an option somewhere to reset. I believe it is pressing ā€œYā€ on the 360 while having UVHM selected. This resets your campaign progress, but a playthrough at level 70 is most satisfying in my opinion.

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Thanks, That also means i can get all quest items at max level. Do quest items drop at op # or stop at lvl 72

I need some help and someone to loot with CHullett88 is my gamer tag, thanks for ur time.

You might want to check the dates before responding this is over a year old.