Lvl 65 gamma fl4k build

This is what i plan on running at 65; I’m currently using a similar build and just adding some more damage by reaching TPI and able to clear both true takedowns with ease, so it should be good to go:

Recommended anoints: primary is consecutive hits, with 100% n2m as a fine backup. 50% ase on shield (old god) and grenade (recurring hex). Ideal artifact is cutpurse launchpad

The build is maximizing v1 and v2 damage on fl4k, exploiting the fact that red fanged gamma burst is the most synergistic action skill with the green tree’s damage boosts

Some skill explanations-

Ferocity instead of Persistence Hunter:

I took Ferocity over Persistence Hunter to keep my burst uptime as short as possible to maximize the uptime of TPI and ASE anoints; The last 10 seconds of gamma burst are the weakest for the current build due to the loss of ASE anoints, and i don’t feel that extending that weak period by 9 seconds (doubling it) is worth it for 12% gun damage

Two F4ng: this is down to personal weapon choice; i use the plaguebearer and complex root almost exclusively, so 5 points here is an easy pickup. If you prefer monarchs, move these around a bit.

No overclocked/second intention:

Given my weapon choices, fire rate isn’t all that helpful, and i find it’s usage in general mitigated by it making me reload more frequently when using other weapons. On top of that, most enemies die too quicky to make too much use of it. As for second intention, I find the reload speed to small to be particularly useful for me.

Self repairing system:

i may shuffle 3 of these points into rage and recover, but basically they keep my pet alive.

Eager to impress: this is basically a floating point that i put here to slightly increase cooldown uptime, but i may shuffle it to Who Rescued Who?

He Bites: I don’t have a point in this skill due to getting it from the class mod; if you dont have a point in it on the mod, this is where the floating point needs to go for frenzy synergy

I highly recommend this setup; if you choose to use it, i hope you enjoy it! Happy hunting


What I really like about adding TPI to this build is that it shores up 5 of the weakest 10 seconds quite nicely

I made a similar build about a week ago. Having access to Megavore and TPI will really help GB builds. I wish Go for the Eyes was a chance to crit like Megavore and be 1 point instead.


Yeah, really looking forward to it; the build is already incredibly strong, and adding tpi and the additional gun damage from f+f to it just feels wrong in all the right ways.

And you’re right about Go for the eyes; i figured i might as well throw a point in it for a free burst crit instead of a 5th in ferocity, but it seems unlikely to matter much in either spot.

It’s a shame there’s not a second viable tier one skill in the blue tree and it feels like I’m throwing away points to avoid the otherwise solid one, but shrug

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You mentioned writing this up awhile back, build should be pretty damn potent.

If I could add a suggestion it would be for at least 1 point in He Bites. With everyone swarming your pet it’s a noticeable DpS increase for the pet.

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Thanks! I’ve been looking forward to getting the extra points to pulll it all together, and I can’t wait to put the final product into practice.

Also thanks for the He Bites point; I’m getting that from the class mod, which i should have mentioned in the OP; I’m off to edit that now.

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Red Fang should cover He Bites. The skills chosen for the class mod almost feels non important as it honestly doesn’t affect much since the main purpose is aggro relief. Honestly just look at what passives will be helpful on the class mod.

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Yeah, I’m known to shuffle my build around mid-game.

With this skill layout all you would need to do is swap Gamma to Fade Away and the Red Fang to a Bounty Hunter/Cosmic Stalker and you have some DpS gain(if needed). So I like the 1 point in He Bites as a permanent passive.

Also, it is possible to get a Red Fang with perfect passive rolls and have no points in He Bites.

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That all makes sense; in that case I’d take the point out of Eager to Impress for He Bites

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Having done the math on the kitchen table, using a 10k/shot splash weapon while having mod perks for a total of +73% splash damage and +37% weapon type damage and consecutive hits at full with a 30 second base gamma burst cycle and ignoring crits, with this build persistence hunter would nerf damage per shot by roughly 5% total.

I’m not too sure I understand what you mean by this. Perhaps you could explain what you mean and why this is the case?

Basically, it adds 9 seconds to gamma burst uptime, which leads to 9 more seconds per action skill cycle with shield and grenade ASE anoints and The Power Inside being inactive, which leads to an overall averaged out decrease in damage

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True that. You need as much Burst damage upkeep as possible, especially with GB since you are trading damage for survivability.

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I don’t even know if it’ll be trading damage when the cap hits; the amount of multiplicative bonuses that GB synergizes with better than any other skill is kinda silly.

That said, that 10 second dropoff is pretty rough right now if your overkill gets stopped somehow

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Feel free to do whatever you want with your build of course, but I would point out regarding Persistence Hunter and managing your anoints that the bonus elements from your shield and grenade do not receive mayhem scaling (unless they have changed that and I missed it). So the bonus elements are doing M0 damage on M10. Managing around bonus elements is not as efficient any more (just IMO), but if you want to manage GB around TPI uptime, go for that though.

Since multiple projectiles were patched out, OGT anoints are a really solid option for boosting damage with a GB build.

I skip ogt mostly due to grenade access being unreliable on fl4k, but i get sad about it a lot. As for bonus elements, I wasn’t aware there was a mayhem discrepancy; does that mean that if i hit something with a m10 weapon, the elemental anoint damage is based on what that weapon would be doing if it were a m0 weapon?

That is not how that anoint works. The damage is based off of the damage you are doing. So if you are dealing 10k with a gun, then you will deal 5k with the anoint of said element.

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I thought so, and i found prismatic’s post which confirmed as much. This isnt a stinger build or anything, so I’m only really concerned with whether it boosts the gun damage.

Eh, maybe you guys are right. Not sure. I thought that bonus elements from shield and grenade did M0 damage. I am not the biggest math guy, just going off memory.

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I think the discrepancy is the bonus element vs health bar. Say your bonus element is Shock. Although you gain 50% damage of it, it will be reduced on anything not a Shield (blue health) but will show more damage if it was used on Shields. This is why it’s preferred to have Radiation and/or Cryo for ASE because of its neutrality on health and bonus damage on Shields and/or Armor, respectively.