Lvl 65 gamma fl4k build

On the plus side, your post pointing me to prismatic’s post led me to realize that there’s a discrepancy between his formula for AOE bonus elements and the formula on the Fl4k damage formula masterpost; the masterpost says ASE doesn’t receive weapon type damage, while prismatic’s says it does.

If the formula post is right then my math stands; if prismatic’s post is right, then persistence hunter will result in a 10% damage loss per shot rather than 5% (all things being neutral).

So thanks to your comment, i get to sort that out and get better at this part :smile:

Bonus Elements from Shield/Grenade do not get boosted by Weapon Type Damage (e.g. SMG Damage, AR Damage…). Both threads should have that information correctly displayed.

Guns and grenades go up to M10 on their card, which means their Mayhem Scaling is an actual base damage increase instead of a separate multiplier like on Melee/Action Skills. This means Bonus Eles on shield/nade will scale correctly on Guns, Grenades and some specific sources like a White Elephant explosion, but not on those other sources that get scaled through a separate multiplier.


Good to know, thanks for the clarification!

Just so I am certain I understand what you said, could you give a couple examples of damage sources? I am assuming that the rationale you listed above would apply to the extra elements on Rakks, for example - so that while the Rakks themselves scale to M10, the bonus elements on the Rakks would not?

I obviously had a simplistic understanding of how the extra element scaling works.


That exactly.

Action Skills scale with mayhem by receiving an additional multiplier:

Base Damage x Mayhem Scaling

While Guns and Grenades just have their base damage increase with loot mayhem level. The Shield/Grenade ASEs don’t receive the Mayhem Scaling on sources like AS Damage.


Gotcha, thanks!

Thanks for in-depth clarification, @Ratore.
So, this also applies to all sources that are based on “damage dealt”, right? So Unleash the Dragon should work as well, I guess, as it snapshots your damage dealt and converts it into a DOT?

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Yes, but Dragon in specific is a DOT, and i’m pretty sure those can’t have bonus elements of their own, an actual bonus element needs to create its own dot.

Maybe URad or Terror Cryo can apply to the dot somehow, but that requires testing.

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Thanks for the clarification. URAD is what I was thinking about. Of course, no one could have known that as I did not write that. :slight_smile:
As URad is universal I just assumed it applies. Maybe not, maybe it applies only to direct dmg instances.
From what I get from Joltz’s Melee Only Amara playthroughs is that it doesn’t apply to the DOT part.

Update: made it through the valkyries on true takedown with a level 60 plaguebearer with ease (didn’t try to press further as I’m farming specific things atm)