Lvl 72 Legendaries needed

Hello. I wondered if anyone who has finished the game or is at higher levels and has a bunch of Legendaries for sale or exchange with lvl 61 weapons or Eridium?

Looking for a selection of lvl 72 gear - Bee/Infinity/Norfleet variants, etc?

HeavenlyOrphan6 - message me? :slight_smile:

I’d like to add that I also have to trade at level 72 the following (as well as 500 Eridium and about $60m):

Mururing Slagga
Infinity (shock, rapid)
Dippty Nukem (71)
Barking Volcano

Various pinks - Railers, Blassters, Darts…

Just got a Blast Proof Bee <3

pls halp?

FIXED! All is well.