Lvl 72 siren looking to run peak

I’m a level 72 siren looking to do peak I haven’t started looking for people to go through it, gt is edination25

Hello, I am also a Level 72, but OP 2 Siren. I would love to run through the peak with you whenever. I currently have the free time minus some hours to do school work. If you have a Mic and want to play just add me / Invite me. I’ll also send you a message just in case you don’t check on here anytime soon.

XBL GT: Ms Caitybear

Yeah I be willing to do a few runs, if I am about il be happy to make up the numbers. Should be a laugh with a full team🖒

Hey I am currently redoing my UVHM on my game if you are down to play. Its dropping OP 2s

Hey! Only have a op8 axton so don’t wanna spoil your game😀 but thanks anyway I appreciate you asking.

Psh oyou won’t spoil my game, it helps me a lot some of these people just don’t die :frowning:

Well anyone’s welcome to add me if wanting borderlands 2 friends to play with? Am normally playing solo (very badly) anyways.
Enjoy the peak runs , thou they do get rough later on… so if we get a few of us it should be fun.
Should state that I am uk timezone which will not work for everyone unfortunately, but should be able to work something out.

Most of the people I play with on here is Uk time. I look forward to playing with you ill add when I get home. (: