Lvl 72 with m 10 weapons but can only beat m5

Which legendaries do you have? You should be able to definitely run most of M10/11 with quite a few of the base game legendaries.

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I would also like to know. Unfortunately there are several legendary items that are still a joke and multiple posts about how every tier below legendary was used as glorified TP.

Also build are you using? There are plenty of people (not me I’m a scrub skill wise) who still poke their nose into various threads that know the ins and outs of the game that can give advice how to strengthen what you have. A lot of the end game power comes from interactions between skills, anointments, weapon, and artifact.

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i actually use only Unending Magnificent and Binary Mockin D.N.A. i also have Binary Stark Devoted, Woodblocker, Handsome Jackhammer, Perless Superball, Bloodstained Lead Sprinkler, Binary Mocking Cutsman

i get know Double Pentrating Shredded Laser-Splader, Disciplined Ripper, Burning Potent Alchemist, Burning Flaker and Compressing Kill o the Wisp

Unfortunately a lot of those legendaries are the underpeforming ones. The base game legendaries you want to look out for are,

Brainstormer, Face-puncher, The Butcher, Bekah (if you have not already completed the crew challenge), Rowan’s Call, King’s/Queen’s Call, Maggie, Hellwalker, Hellshock, Trevonator, The Lob, Lucian’s Call. A Mayhem 10 version of any of these should be possible to get with the “Gun Gun” and would allow you to make it through most M10/11 content.

If you are able to kill bosses on Mayhem 10/11, any of the guns that can drop from Mayhem 6 or above will work very well.

You can also try using one of the events to help you get M10/M11 guns. The Broken Hearts event is easiest one. Besides world drops, you can get the Wedding Invitation gun, which is decent.

The Halloween event can get you a Fearmonger shotgun and the Ghast Call grenade. The Ghast Call is one of the best grenades in the game.

The Cartel event has more than a few good weapons, OPQ System, No Pew-Pew, Yellowcake, Fish Slap (another one of the best grenades in the game).

If you have DLC, you have a lot of additional gun options as well.

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As Smythny said, some legendaries don’t really live up to the name. Have a read through this thread to find which ones are end-game viable: [Guide] Top Gear of Borderlands 3

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i didnt tried all bosses but at craters edge i can beat the ruiner

First thing you need to decide is what kind of build you want to use on Fl4k. You can run a 3 shot fade away with stackbot, a GITM with a bounty hunter, or a gamma burst with a red fang. Those first words are the type of build while the second ones are the names of the class mods. Look where to farm them at borderlands 3 loot drop locations on google docs. Then you can decide what guns you want to farm. Look up these builds on this forum and watch said builds on youtube.

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ok thank you very much. just one questen. did i get the same loot if i play normal and tvhm at mayhem11. because i tried at normal tyreen m11 and i could bet her. i got kings call. is sadly not the best version but i can kill her with it a bit faster.

i mean are the weapons stronger at tvhm?

Weapons are not stronger but u do want to farm at 10 or 11. Items will drop at mayhem 10 regardless.

Do you want to shoot a lot of high fire rate guns or hard hitting slower weapons?

i like hard hitting slower weapons more. to play with shotguns make actually most fun

Ok next questions. Do you have the dlcs? The reason i ask is the best classmod for that behavior is in dlc 1. The stackbot. It favors 3 shot fade away and heavy hitting weapons like shotguns, snipers, and launchers. Also the stat rolls on the bottom of the classmod is important. They need to pertain to those weapons.

yes i have the dlcs. i already finished the missions. so i could farm the bosses there

Spawn into the v.i.p tower and head right immeaditly to hit loco chantelle.he drops the stackbot. The first weapon i would grab is a clairvoyance masher from kritchy in cursehaven. I prefer a dastardly clairvoyance masher with 100 weapon damage on Action skill end or consecutive hits increase weapon damage by 1%. That gun alone will power you through almost all obstacles. Second i would farm a skullmasher with the same annoints. Thirdly i would farm a hellwalker with weapon damage stacking by 13% per kill. Pistol wise you probably want a maggie or love drill. Maggies i get from world drops and the love drill from the Eleanor from the final boss battle on dlc 2. Artifact wise you want a pearl of ineffable knowladge with mag size and fire rate. Or a jacobs company man from hermi or vermi the invincible on dlc 6. Or you can fight the boss from story mission 5 on that dlc. They share lootpools. Shieldwise i would get a revolter with a low recharge delay. Mines a 4. Something sec delay. Main thing here is to reroll it to a on action skill start trigger any abilities that activate on shield break or fill annoint. This is the premier jacobs builds for fl4k. Grenade wise i would use a its pee grenade personally from konrads hold with a 25% more grenade, weapon, and action skill damage on grenade thrown.

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i almost forgot to mention farming backburner launchers in every element for raids and big bosses. I prefer consec hits or weapon damage to 100% on Action skill end on those. They drop from agonizer 9000 on guts of carnivora


I like a redundant reflux for the maliwan takedown. Consec hits are best for this weapon.

Others have said it. To me, MOST of the legendaries are useless at M10 /M11. It’s a bizarre reality of this game.

Depends on your set up but with the right items you can get almost any weapons to do lots of damage

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