Lvl 72 with m 10 weapons but can only beat m5

Depends on your set up but with the right items you can get almost any weapons to do lots of damage

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I doubt it. But, i have to admit, I haven’t really tried to do so.

Back to the op - maybe use one of the Youtubers builds and then kill/farm the easiest boss you know how till you get some of your class specific items,e.i. I’m flak so when fade away is active annoitments,a big tanky shield,a pearl of knowledge or jackobs company man or any good artifact and a weapon damage/weapon crit/jackobs weapon damage/crit bounty hunter/st4kbot etc


i found a guide who sounds pretty good. 1-Shoot Faze fl4ke build. i got stackbot an clairovance masher. skullshmasher should be good. i can beat eista with that and kings call. but i haven any luck yet. he drops every time iron willed/duelling bowie cocky bastard. i think this snipers arent very good

he would be easier but i havent a weapon for armor yet.

Hehe. Yup that thing sucks compared to the skullmasher. Im farming one now at lvl 72 so i know your pain. Just keep at it. That skullmasher is worth it. Believe me. Another thing i wanted to point out about this build is its overall versatility. Your speciality will be jakobs weapons but you will not be cornered into using just those. You can use any gun you want as long as it doesnt have elemental annointments because those will reset your stackbot. Also same with grenades and shield annointments. The reason being is those damage over time effects from the annointments are additive damage that isnt from the guns base damage formula.

i got the skullmasher but i dont know if this ist good. it has after action skill ends i get 100% damage for 2 magazines.
35670x5 dmg
+10% crit dmg
-107% weapon accuracy
+19% reloading
4.9 zoom

Oh its good. Is it dastardly? I got this one last night. I would farm one with these numbers. Low mag, higher damage. If you get a pearl with mag size bonus or jakobs company man it will offset the low mag size.

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By the way i have i informed you wrong on the stackbot source as im sure your aware of by now. My bad. I believe the old source was loco chantelle but i could be wrong as it was a year ago i farmed mine. Memory…anyway i have been farming a new one all day with no luck. Heres my rolls on my lvl 57 one. I want a lvl 72 simalar to this but with as many points into hunters eye as possible. Wish me luck. Ill wish you luck too.happy hunting.

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The source is actually jackpot.

yes its dastardly but not so good like yours. this ist my equipe atm. i got the stackbot by loco like you said

and yes i know that lucians call is pretty bad. i make no dmg with it. but i saw it by marcus and i must buy it xD
its not the best but it helps. i must farm a new one

i tried to kill him but he is to strong at the moment. after he gets armor i cant kill him and i die every 2-3 sec.

Make sure the annointment is not an element bonus on the next 2 mags damage bonus on that skullmasher. That will reset your damage stacks on that stackbot. And that goes for any of your weapons. About vermi…your other option is to reset your campaign and run through dlc 2 again to try and get a better pearl.

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i played dlc2on tvhm. can i play it on normal? it doesnt show there that i compelte it

i got this grenade. sounds n1 with 25% more dmg

That is a very nice fish slap. Use it. It will proc groundbreaker which is nice. Only reason i suggested a pee grenade is the damage buff it gives you when you hit an enemy with it. 20% which is nice against bosses. You can always grab one later though. Thats a solid nade though.

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If you havent completed the dlc on a playthrough it should let you go back and do it. Im not 100% certain on that though.

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Survivability can be a bit of a pain against Vermi with Fl4k since taunts do not work well in that fight. I few things that can help are a Stop-Gap or Super Soldier shield with the ASS anointment. You can also try a last stand otto idol.

You can use the Hail, the Dahl AR you get from tipping Moxxi. A King/Queen Call also works well when used with GITM.

finally get lovedrill. is 100% dmg after action skill good or should i try to reroll?
oh and i could play dlc2 on normal because i played it only on tvhm and got pearl