Lvl 72 with m 10 weapons but can only beat m5

i try to farm a better dastardy skullsmasher. i tried my weapons and nothing beats my hellwalker. idk the other weapons are kinda useless in boss battles. i used all my ammo with skullsmasher and i couldnt kill bosses.

You had mentioned using a 3-shot Fadeaway build. Do you have link to your skill point allocation?

Stackbot is pretty good for bossing, but you need to be able to stack the special effect well to get the most out of it. If you cannot consistently get critical hits, I’d recommend using the Bounty Hunter com instead.

What shield are you using? if you are not having issues with survivability, you can use a more offense orientated one if you are not using one.

Also using a grenade that helps stack the gun damage from the pearl, and will proc Leave No Trace should help with ammo issues.

I use actually

I don’t know who are my mistakes. I only make dmg with hellwalker and clairvoyance. The other weapons are pretty useless. Should I try another build or aren’t my weapons really good?

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Are you using 3 shot Fadeaway or GITM? It shows that you have GITM twice in your augments.

Skullmasher, Clairvoyance and Hellwalker are all great guns. However I have found that the Lovedrill is only okay. If you want to stick with Jakobs guns, I’d recommend King/Queens Call in multiple elements depending on the bosses elemental resistance.

Taking a few points out of the Hunter tree to put points into Agility Training in the Trapper tree is worth it if you have DLC5. It is a huge increase in reload speed.

Also if you are using 3 shot Fadeaway, you want to use the Not My Circus augment to more reliably get the damage from Hidden Machine. Scorcher Ant may also give you a better increase in damage due to the 10% Elemental Damage.

Not the 125 splash???

As others have probably said, most weapons are useless at M10/M11. A select few will do well. Many persons also claim that with proper mods and resetting your skill points all (most? many?) weapons are good at high mayhem. I personally doubt it. I think gearbox screwed up weapon balancing big time.

Of course if you want that 3rd shot only launcher. That is a great suggestion. Im just suggesting the consec hits because it synergizes well if the rest of your gear is consec hits. Either will do.

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The problem i think is if you play on last gen console like myself(ps4) getting those god rolled class mods is a real pain. Load times are garbage so farming class mods and relics that make the builds click is tedious.

Yeah I don’t really fool with splash anoints anyway with moze I guess I could tho if I put a few points into grizzled. You’re consec hits is always there and easy to keep up

I use 3 shoots fadeaway and GITM. I will try it and put some points in agility