Lvl Cap and Scaling item lvl w/eridium

So, lvl cap is coming and that means to redo all the builds and loot again and again for scaled lvl items. But what about if you have the chance to raise item lvl with Eridium? we all know that Eridium is almost useless near end game, but what about if you can buy item lvl with it???
Sure you can still farm and kill bosses again and again and have fun with it, but this also comes with eridium drop, so i dont thinks it’s a crazy thing to do. I dont know if anyone else post about this.
Just my 2 cents.

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sorry dude, but where you read clearly that they will rase cap soon???

Eridium is a great way to get Legendaries - using the fruit machines in Moxxi’s with a high luck artifact FTW

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In the last BL show on Twitch that was confirmed but it’s a long way to get there yet. I think it would be applied after all dlc are launched.

It’s just an idea :v:

Thanks for explaining this, i think i get a bit confused about how lvl cap will work.
Please delete this post.

so we are talking about months and months at the best.

Don’t create a problem when simply there isn’t any.

Topic closed at OP’s request