"M" behind Damage Number?

So obviously I know what K is. But M can’t mean million.

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Why can’t it?

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yes it is million. and it means your badass.


I’m only using a purple Stagecoach. No Mayhem modifiers buff it. It’s not annointed. There’s no way.

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While appreciated lol… HOW???

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overkill, remnant lots of factors. check the derch jakobs build he have a similar build

I am not specced into Remnant. He was the last enemy around. I was kinda playing with him lol.

Besides we figured out that multi pellets don’t work at all with overkill of any kind. And this shotgun is very very multi pellet

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what is your class mod?

Breaker. I don’t even have any buffs for this gun in my COM or relic. Like shotgun dmg or crit dmg

Are you on Mayhem with a shotgun buff?

I was on Mayhem 3 but i had no buffs to normal bullets or shotgun. I made sure of it as this run was specifically to test this build with this gun.

damage formulas are weird currently. unless we get a dummy, option to turn off guardian ranks, gearbox fixing snapshotting we can’t get accurate testing.

Seem like a bug then. You can land some pretty nice crit with the remnant damage thing and Fl4k as the remnant damage itself benefit from the crit multiplier each time. It tend to balloon to nice number after a serie

Agreed. Dummy is very much needed. I was really happy with the 69k tbh

Yeah i wasn’t running remnant and like i said in an earlier post, overkill does next to nothing with multi pellet guns. I think it is a bug

Was it one of those Maliwan Heavy type enemies - those guys tend to take damage in the millions on crit.

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Yes it was. I am thinking the 69k is more the real number. If it even was that high.

yeah, when you kill maliwan guys by blowing up their jetpack or whatever the ball thingy on the back is on the big ones, they die from overkill damage.

it might even be a possiblity that this overkill damage is added onto the damage from guardian rank overkill perk. i can’t confirm this though

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Question answered then. Thanks everyone. Am enjoying this build and especially the gun but i knew it wasn’t that good lol

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This is being caused by Hollow Point. I noticed immediately after I unlocked it on Zane and started seeing 10M damage procs every time an enemy died. I’m not sure if it’s a bug though cause even when there are other enemies close by the explosion doesn’t seem to affect them.