M10 enemies ARE doing M10 damage!

I knew I wasnt crazy. I knew the damage was higher. I knew that the damage was off. Now, theyve confirmed it.

“While assessing, we noticed that the change that allowed Mayhem gear to spawn in chests and vending machines also applies to the guns that spawn with enemies. This results in a Mayhem 10 enemy’s weapon doing Mayhem 10 damage to its target. This wasn’t initially intended, and we are monitoring how this is affecting difficulty in higher levels of Mayhem and are looking into how it could be addressed in a future patch”

Easiest solution: scale shields, let the enemy damage scale as is. Its not awful, but it has significantly stifled the shield pool. Scaling shields would be a good way to make some things interesting.


I’m honestly not even really bothered by it. Even with increased damage, shields still seem fine as is. For me at least.


Yea I didn’t really notice any difference on mayhem 10 either, seems fine


damage is pretty average all the time
are we getting (more) easy mode now? :confused:


As was pointed out to me on the hotfix thread, this would kinda have poor synergy with Moze’s red skill tree. And also, it’s just standard weapons in enemies’ hands that are accidentally scaling up; non-gun attacks (I’m guessing things like enemy novas, melee, etc) do normal damage.

(Clearly this is because how BL3’s weapon generator works, which works similarly to how it worked in previous BL games… I’m assuming one generator creates all the gear in the game, whether it ends up in a chest, in a vendor, dropped in a lootsplosion, or spawning in a enemy’s hands, or just appearing in a friendly NPC’s hand.)

Another side effect of this could be that friendly NPCs that fight alongside you (Lorelei, Atlas troops, etc) are dealing mayhem level damage because they too are likely toting mayhem level guns.

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What really concerns me here is that they have no idea what they are doing, it is always accidents,unintended interactions, in one word BUGS


Anyone who actually played the game could tell this easily but yet their devs and testers somehow didn’t know.


They’re saying they’re looking into changing it or not but i seriously hope they revert it. I’m really feeling fl4k’s lack of regen, and I don’t want gearbox to look at this, keep it there, and… give fl4k lifesteal out of nowhere.


Yah, the situation is worse with Fl4k and worst with Moze (outside IB). Yet, people running around with perfect gear with meta build, specially with characters that one shot enemy or run around doing 1M damage will say they are fine with the “bug”.


its only reinforcing lifesteal’s #1 spot on healing methods :// with fl4k’s bugged health skills its hurting even more. normally i wouldnt be worried about it but the fact that they’re still deciding whether to revert it or not worries me.


Some VH are literally healing as they doing damage e.g. Amara. You will keep healing as long as you are doing damage with your gun. Other VH don’t have such strong life steal, so either add healing option for other VH or nerf where necessary and then balance the game around that.


I’ve noticed this having 47k shields on my front loader and getting one shot constantly even with stuff like hive mind flak, if you dont have life steal, if it’s straight damage reduction it might as well be useless, it’s either life steal or ded.


I think in general the damage output of enemies isn’t that bad but like others have pointed out…depending on what VH you play this makes a difference. For instance, Moze 1hp builds are not that good atm because there is no health gate and even humongous shields get one shot with random bursts of damage. This bug is likely contributing greatly to this type of problem.

If they could somehow mitigate the insane spike damage potential I generally don’t have an issue with the damage output of enemies on M10. Maybe they could tone down crit damage amount/chance of enemies but leave base damage intact?

Great, more M10 nerfs. -.-
Make an Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, please. Make it accessible from the start so that you can start a new character in UVHM on M10.
Lock gear behind UVHM

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I like the way it is now. I can’t breeze through m10. I play all 4 vh’s and each can do enough damage to get out of ffyl. Sometimes I can’t but it’s no big deal to respawn and go again. Just my opinion and I know some don’t have the great builds. I like the difficulty.


Pretty much the title. I found it weird to only scale weapons now finally grenades and AS… Which arent scaled enough. We have a justification for more shields.

Also for the love o Torgue n actual mods can we have more mobs and variations? I enjoy the hordes and blowing stuff away.

While i miss mayhem 4 which felt like a refinement of my build itsnthe same.weapon dmg.and guns as jon mayhem.back in 1.0.

I want a challenge and not a self handicap.

Please more.spawns and enemy variety…

And for the love o McShootyface Buff Bosses! Theyre wet paper bags…is it cuz loot drops so.horribly for some its justification that theyre easy? What happend to mayhem should mean more loot? Still dont see it.

Please let us have some difficulty at mayhem 10 that not just artificially jacked up enemy stats and add some.l variety like Bl2 did i Uvhm or tvhm


If I am out of IB I am fighting on one knee.


I barely noticed the damage increase by enemies, as I don’t play on higher mayhem levels, but if they are indeed dishing out mayhem levels of damage, on top of already having absurdly high amounts of health/shield/armor, then shield scalling must happen. Or a simpler solution is to turn non-mayhem gear into mayhem gear only when dropped by an enemy.

And now onto the obvious question: how did this issue evaded QA if it was unintended?

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well yeah there meant to do more damage its then say m4 which obv have weaker enemy’s as took me while to adapt to m10 but you get used of it and i find you have to dodge and more more on m10 so you dont get downed as fast.

They’re not meant to do more damage, damage is supposed to be the same regardless of Mayhem level.