M10 loot broken again?

Since yesterday all m10 drops are dropping at non-mayhem levels. For example just had a yellowcake with 18,683 dmg, I had an annexed jericho drop with 3709 damage. What is happening here?

It was fixed? It’s been broken.

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Up until yesterday I wasn’t having this issue anymore. I was actually getting good loot. I had random moments, but this is literally everywhere now.

Psycho voice
The box of gears spoke to us!
They said we were crazy! Aghhahaa… But we showed them

We’re crazy cuz we still playyy

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Your mayhem level hasn’t reset after playing CoOp by any chance?

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Hmm that’s strange, it isn’t happening to me. I had a m10 yellowcake drop last night, damage was normal, around 40k

Lootsplosion will drop M0. That if you using this modifier, crit kill might lead to lootsplosion and drop M0 gears.

AKA broken.

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Its not just lootsplosion, I was just playing on mayhem 8 trying to farm captain traunt for a Kaosen when i opened a random locker and got a banesaw that had a base damage of 483. he then dropped a B*Tch with 867 damage.

Container, chest and quest rewards did not scale, M0 only. Bitch 800-1.1k depends on parts, common knowledge mag size will affect dmg the most. Your bitch is M10. The dmg of gun generally lower due to high crit, eg love drill, unforgiven, bitch, etc.