M10 Loot Giveaway

I’m giving away 3 M10 wepons,Opq 9694 x2 50/150 ,Sandhawk fire 9711 x9 50/150 and a corrosive Kaoson 3405 x2 automatic Sntl cryo to anyone who can fire up their Ps3 and help me get the Friendship rules trophy,first person to post with help wins

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You may need to wait for the next two patches from Gearbox to play a co-op session if they actually fix the stability issues. At the moment, co-op is practically unplayable.

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It actually is possible to solo that trophy for BL2, and might even be easier these days. All you need is a second PSN account and a second controller. I know there are reports that it doesn’t work, (or at least there was at the beginning when it was released,) but I can confirm that it is possible, (or at least was,) in split-screen.

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I’m up for that! Let me know time/day. Add me Stegee65.

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Send a friend request and we can set up when and get your rewards

Sent you a friend request

My search goes on for someone to help me get the Ps3 trophy friendship rules,i have a metric ton of M10 gear 300/90 anointment’s 50/150 and hard to find shields class mods artifacts for most characters,i didn’t have wifi and mostly played split screen with my kids and then moved on to the handsome collection years ago,also had to really not make this too easy.

I’ll be on tomorrow morning doing slaughtershaft. About 17 hours from this post. Username wonga-bunny.

Chasing a good roll deathless. Weapons dmg, SMG dmg, cryo dmg, splash dmg, Dahl weapon dmg. Similar options for a bloodletter class mod. Do you have any of those?

I personally don’t run the bloodletter/deathless so i have plenty of them with really good rolls to spare and a fare amount of Moze gear,i’ll be on after 5pm eastern U.S.,also sending friend request.

Sweet I’ll be on tomorrow. About 14 hours from now.

Hey buddy, do you have all damage and crit variety or health Regen bloodletter without Thin Red Line?
Loaded dice with health Regen and mag size without shield cap or max health bonus?
PSN kenet888