M10 Purple Amara (Epic Load Out)

Currently waiting for new content and decided to play around with M10 Purple loadouts. It’s actually fun. Stuck on Woton the Invincible in the Maliwan Takedown.

Anyone else out their purpling and building an epic Amara? If so share your load outs. I’ll share mine soon! :stuck_out_tongue:

FP with ase n2m cryo, Psychostabber 300/90
Frozen Heart wth ASS break anoint (stop gap for bosses)
Muse with +3 illuminated fist
Fire stone static charge (cutpurse when ammo low)
Grenade with ase radiation

Toying with getting sustainment to improve survivability by giving up some of the green tree but that would mean investing in something like wildfire

Eternal fist constantly procs ase when active and is only down for a short time so all 5 elements are in play most of the time when using the FP so you get 25% extra from Harmageddon

Probably going to get bored with using the FP soon but it’s fun to watch all the elemental explosions