M10 Redundant Reflux

I have a M10 anointed Redundant Reflux with 1281x14 damage and and all i want is an M10 Iceburger with a fl4k anointe on it idk if its to much to ask for i can go for a times 2 yellowcake if anyone has it

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I have a mayhem 10 iceburger with the 200 action skill active annoitment

Also I have a post running, maybe check it out. Its called trades for mayhem 10 weapons and items just updated yesterday :slight_smile:

ok i could trade for that the anointe i have on the reflux is a 75% damage increase to badass,named, and boss enemies

Sounds good buddy

Is that you dankmaster?

yea thats me

Cool sending rn :slight_smile:


No worries dude

Will be glad to send you the yellowcake for the Reflux =75
I am conch8

Is it the x2 variant of the yellowcake? I have the reflux with 75 annoitment

Yeah, the 300/90 2x or the 2x 200 , either one

Ooh the x2 300/90 sounds good buddy. I’ll send over the reflux soon

Ok C Fish, will send the cake shorlty Just sent.

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Sent dude