M10 Scraptrap Prime

I was going to farm this a bit for some GR points. I can kill everything fine but Prime is really, really tanky for some reason. I have a corrosive M10 Sand Hawk and a really beefy M10 x2 YC but neither really does a huge amount of damage to him which drags on the fight.

Just curious if there is any trick to damaging him or maybe a particular gun or element that somehow works better? I would have thought the corrosive Sand Hawk would be perfect but…meh.

Well i kill him with a plaguebearer corrosive it takes a few shots. But it seems to wreck him when directly hit on the face.

If u know his pathing to you and he will get crit u can swap to a unforgiven 430.

I find also sanhawksorta weak without anoint ase or anoints in general without an anoint on the tankiest. Or usually all the ammos gone to kill emm

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Maybe that’s my issue. No usable anointment. I dunno. I have a cryo plaguebearer but it also has no usable anoint and it didn’t do much damage, either. Oh well.

Oh and this area is really, really buggy with the buddy system. OMG. Half the things are stuck in the wall making them invulnerable.

Someone should nominate GB for a “best user experience” award or something…


Enable the cartel. Ive gotten probably 50 ranks doing that claptrap cave. And def find something better than buddy system.

I absolutely hate that modifier

I can kill prime with the yellowcake, I really have to shoot at his wheel, so that the ground explosions hit him, though.
Bugged Buddy Systems are a problem for me as well, because it’s the only modifier that’s not generally altering damage or adding an instakill mechanic. With the yellowcake (or other explosive weapons probably), you can sometimes, with the right angle, still shoot at it and hit it. Mostly it’s the upper corner of the cave with the red glowing eyes.

With cartel on scraptrap and his minions will fight the cartel members taking the heat off you and allowing you to stand far enough back to allow the yellowcake to split and do full damage.

I have found a reflux does excellent damage to him and will clear out the room with just a few shots. (it also takes down fish slap really well). Or quick stack an anarchy.

Sandhawk works pretty well for me. I have, just for giggles, done the whole scraptrap encounter using nothing but a sandhawk. Of course that was with a fade away flak build so I was regenerating ammo like crazy on those crits.

Cartel definately adds a ton of experience and loot to the fight. Went from Guardian 280 to 300 to cap them off on Scraptrap farm. Two and a half runs would give one rank.

Don’t forget, it is bugged right now so that if you enter FFYL the exp modifier drops to zero so no reason to finish the fight. As soon as you go FFYL just stand then quit reset it or use the ledge trick to reset.

Sorry, post kind of rambled but, hope some of this helps out.

That was fixed last thursday afaik

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I dont kill him. Once I clear the nest, I walk out the shipping container and linger 10 seconds on the platform. Re-enter and kill the nest again, rinse and repeat.

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If enough Cartel enemies are beating him up I will finish him off but if I end up with him alone and still a lot of health I just reset it. Not worth it. It is funny wathing him and Fish Slap battling.

If you do kill him he’s has a chance to drop stakbot,seein dead,boomer and lucky 7

honestly i think the biggest problem is being moze , shes good with dps but not very good for burst damage

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You can kill him and still do that.

I only run Zane but my setup in Scrappy for mayhem 10 -
Speed Demon
Mob Mentality
Chain Gang
Dazed and Infused

Rad Redistributor - easy mobbing and even shooting rad immune mobs amps take out others and the feedback drains the immune, win win.
OPQ no element - go to for surveyor bashing.
Plaguebearer Fire - See a bunch and pop em, great for general cluster weakening on underbosses.
LOB Corrosive - Mine has consecutive hits anoint, not ideal for Zane but backing off from Prime and spamming shots brings him down reasonably quickly.

This fight is easily 4 times longer than it used to be in the good old days 1 month ago :laughing: but bearable unless you get a run with 1 trash legendary sitting in a puddle. :wink:

Edit - I do carry a x2 YC and it can be useful but hitting the sweet spot is tricky.

I use the YC and wear a big boom blaster shield And between t(e drops from the shield and the general drops from enemies I can basically spam the YC the entire time.

I use corrosive sandhawk on it and it works fine.

I use reflux on the claptraps.

Not dropped a Reflux yet, Geneviv is getting a slapping later tonight. :wink:

Hmmm…does yours have a workable anointment? I been using one of those and it does do damage but doesn’t take him down all that fast compared to the ammo amount I’m using but I don’t have a usable anointment.

Until June 4th, always have the Cartel event enabled during this fight.
It may be chaotic, but many underbosses will spawn, and the Loaders and Underbosses will fight Scraptrap Prime and the little Scraptraps.
Keep moving around.

I use my Crit FL4K and my loadout has been OPQ, Hellshock, Kaoson, and Yellowcake. My shield has annoint Corrosive damage on ASE. This does eally help with the Yellowcake in this fight.

Actually, my Snowshoe has that anoint as well. I normally don’t even bother with my AS because it’s so worthless and clunky on Moze but maybe the added corrosive with YC will kill him faster.

I found a Recursion with an extra fire rate modifier. Since then, Buddy system is my favourite modifier. You just shoot the enemies and the bullets jump around and take out the buddies almost effortlessly

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