M10 trade need Rad Fang

LF god rolls Red Fang.

I can give Top Redundant Reflux 3k dmg x 14 , annointed 150 rad damage.

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I have a few decent ones, what kind of roll you looking for?

I don’t have a god roll one but I have some decent ones

Wep dmg , fire rate, crit dmg. Shootgun dmg , smg dmg. Show me what you got?

I have a lvl 60 Splash, Shotgun and Action Skill Cooldown

Lv 60 SMG, Shotgun, and Jakob’s damage

Lvl 57 weapon damage, weapon crit and Vladof accuracy

Not home atm to take pictures

Not interesting, sry bro!

Haven’t found any true G-roll Red Fangs. RnGeezus seems to hate that COM.

I have a red fang with weapon damage, atlas crit and pistol damage if interested