M10 Trades (17/08/2020)


As usual, I’m looking for Amara/Moze/Zane stuff :smiley: ) (sorry Fl4k)
What’s I’m looking for :

  • Elemental x2 Kaoson with +1% consecutive hits or +100% SNTL Cryo
  • x7 Relflux +100% SNTL Cryo
  • Phasezerker with Action Skill Damage/Action Skill CD
  • Shock/Corrosive Old Gods with ASE CD
  • Stinger Shield with Action Skill Start Annoint
  • Driver Class Mod with +Radius Splash
  • Phaserker Class Mod with + Radius Splash

What I have by annoint (everything will be M10)
300% dmg above 90% health

  • Rad/Corrosive Beacon 40mag (15797)
  • Unseen Threat (23673)
  • Rad Scourge (22479)

+150% Rad below 50% Health

  • Shock/Rad Flipper (4392)
  • Fire Ion Cannon (81873x2)
  • Rad Full Auto Sandhawk (9235x7)
  • Fire Full Auto Sandhawk (10370x7)
  • Shock Full Auto Sandhawk (9235x7)
  • Fire/Shock Complex Root (12175)
  • Fire Full Auto Soulrender (8731)

+1% Consecutive hits

  • Fire Linoge (5410x3)
  • Gatlin’ Clairevoyance 14 mag (13809)
  • Cryo/Corrosive Kyb’s Worth (2524x3)
  • Rad/Corrosive Kyb’s Worth (3321x2)
  • Kinetic Light Show (10440x4)
  • Shock/Corrosive Flipper (4182)

+100% SNTL Cryo

  • Corrosive Proprietary License 25 mag (4150)
  • Shock Olridian 25 mag (4026)

+115% Gamma Burst

  • Cryo Backburner (48052)

+200% Splash

  • Cryo/Corrosive Flipper (4392)
  • Cryo/Shock Flipper (4392)
  • Cryo/Fire Flipper (4182)
  • Fire Scourge (22836)
  • Fire Tiggs’Boom 3 mag (2378x18)

I’ll update as usual !

Have a nice day :smiley:

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I have a radiation plaugebearer with consecutive hits, interested in your fire sandhawk 200asa

Thanks buddy just doing slaughter shaft then I’ll send over the plaugebearer :grin:

No worries just responded on your other post :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya’ for more trades

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Just sent the plaugebearer. Have a great day and see you soon for more trades :grin: :smiley:

Hey, McM, saw you farming like crazy yesterday.

I have CH Monarch, corrosive for you if you don’t have. I would like the Gargoyle 300/90 if possible.

GT is conch8

Thanks, buddy, cheers!

Just sent you a couple of guns, if you don’t need them just pass’em on, buddy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi dude !

Thanks for the weapons :smiley:
I’ve just sent the Gargoyle to you.

I’ll farm a lot this week :wink: , are you looking for something in particular ?

Thanks for the guns. Just looking to keep in touch and share the good ones. I have been double farming Traunt the last couple of days looking for good Kaosons. Nothing stellar so far.
Stay safe and good luck

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Added some weapons I got from my last farming session :smiley:

Sent the Pearl :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you have any stinger shields to trade?

I do not, sorry

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Thanks dude !

Do you want something for that ? :smiley:

CH Gargoyle? If you don’t still have it then no worries.
Cheers, Mc!

Sent you a message in game, would be glad to help you level up that siren if you want.

Sorry I never see message on Xbox :sweat_smile:

I’m sending the Gargoyle RN.

Now worries I’m already level 57 :slight_smile:
Thanks nonetheless :smiley:


I have consecutive hits corrosive monarch x8 and cryo sntl burst sandhawk (cant remember what element it is,think its cryo) let me know if they’re any good.
Also have a driver with weapon damage with 3 in mindfulness.

I would like that Driver class mod.

What would you like in exchange ? :smiley: