M10 Wedding Invitation w Urad

Does anyone have a Urad Wedding Invitation for M10, Level 60?

I know people are farming these, but I havent seen one with the urad annointment.

Unfortunately I dont have that much stuff for M10 60 right now. Light Shows with ASE I could offer or look through other stuff if you need something.

I’ve got one if you want it. Just add me on Epic/Shift: korben44 and it’s yours!

I don’t think that’s a possible anoint for the Wedding Invitation. Since any WI was technically obtained and just not redeemed before the Cartel Event started, any anoints that were introduced with that event, be that Urad, 300/90 or ASA cannot actually drop on them.

That’s not true… If you have a WI saved that you haven’t turned in from the event, it will roll with whatever anointments are available to sniper rifles. The Cartel anointments are now in the pool with all the other anointments. What it can’t roll with is anointments meant for grenade mods or shields.

Not what I’ve heard.

Joltz usually knows his stuff and in his video he states quite clearly (starting at 1:20) that the WI cannot roll Cartel anoints or in fact any anoints that were’t in the game during the Broken hearts Event:

Well, you’re right… I have a Fl4k 115% radiation one and the 130% radiation on ASE which is still only doing 40%… I saw radiation and thought it was that one. Hopefully Earl’s Veteran’s vending machine will correct that mistake.

But I do have a copy of my save file, so I’ll be trying more and more to see if they could drop.

Wow thanks alot :grinning:
Im adding you tomorrow, Ill take the 115 one and see what it can do!

people have editors and can slap on the weapon whatever they like

if anyone wants to play with urad lvl 60 wedinvitation they can

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