M10 Yellowcake stats

Anyone tell me what the damage is on a M10 Yellowcake?
Because I’ve been farming for a new one at M8, and i keep getting the same range on mine, around 32k to 35k. But that can’t be right because thats about the same range when i was farming it at M6. I have about 10 yellowcakes right now and all of them are 32k to 35k. Something is fishy here…

46kx2 is max iirc.


Ok, but would a x1 version be 50k? The only x2 version i have is a 27kx2 that i got at M6. Maybe im farming for nothing then, i would have thought that M8 version would crack the 40s…

M10 Yellowcakes have ranged from 38K to 44K for me so far.

Ya know, this stuff could all be taken care of if GB would PUT THE MAYHEM LEVEL ON THE ITEM CARD!


“Ook, indeed, my brother. Ook, indeed.”

It would certainly make it easier all around given the crap drops that still happen on M10.

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I think CoV dmg doesn’t suffer if the gun has more pellets.

Not COV weapons in general, but the Yellowcake has no x2 damage penalty. Ion Cannon doesn’t either btw. A general rocket launcher thing perhaps? Haven’t really paid attention to that.

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