M11 Deathless Urad Amara True Maliwan Takedown in under 10 minutes

People complain about Amara being the weakest VH… If I can do True Maliwan Takedown runs in under 10 minutes, then she should be used as the standard in terms of where DPS should be for all VH’s.

And yeah, I’m using a plasma coil, but there other more pedestrian gear combos that I can use with Amara to get the same times. But we are talking about a speed run at endgame content. While I agree that her single target dps is low, I think it’s perfectly acceptable. The only real way to improve difficulty would be to rework enemy AI. More movement… more complex movements and less static targets is a start. When I say more movement, I also mean a bit faster movement. Unreal Tournament 3 has some great enemy AI. Copy that… Put that type of enemy AI in the game and difficulty would increase.

Anyway, here’s the run:

Maliwan Takedown has been severely powercrept and isn’t even relevant anymore to say if a character is endgame viable or not. Maliwan Takedown has been designed in an era where urad wasn’t even a thing. No N2M 100% anoints, no Pearl of Knowledge, no Flipper, no Lightshow, no melee bs with Facepuncher, no Plasma Coil, no 4th skill trees, no M6 exclusives. This content has been trivialized.

Take this build to True Guardian Takedown, take it to DLC 4 against Psychoreaver, Evil Lilith, contents actually designed with a healthpool good enough, and you’ll see how much she’s the weakest compared to other VHs.

I’ll post a video tonight of how trivial True Guardian Takedown is, too. But, in the meantime, here’s Trial of Fervor in under 5 minutes:

My point is, that Amara is this good and is the weakest VH… I’ve beaten all content in the game… Yeah, some single bosses take longer, but the amount of time is not that much… relatively speaking… The other VH’s… with the exception of Fl4k… need some significant rebalancing. Amara is the baseline VH.

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Here you go… I’m not going to win any speed run awards, but it was so easy it was ridiculous…

video is still uploading…

My point wasn’t really that she can’t do it, my point was that these kind of content actually show that she’s the weakest vault hunter. Every VH can do it better and faster. Mobbing is no real issue cause Ties That Bind, but on Scourge and Anathema you either have to pray for the Indiscriminate + Ties RNG, or you have to basically use the usual melee dmg memes to have a quick kill.

You can also cheese Scourge with the explosive enemies, trivializes this fight a lot, but doesn’t say anything about the build you’re trying so I don’t like doing that.

I honestly don’t use Amara anymore. Everything she can do, others can do it better. She’s got the worst Action Skill cooldowns in the game, worst solo target damage, and the least action skill variety (basically Ties for mobbing, and bosses you either rock a Phasecast or the holy Ball, RIP Slam) her synergy with melee stuff doesn’t even win a point there as other VH can even do that better than her. That’s the reason why I’d like her buffed/reworked instead of dragging others to her level. Cause despite being able to clear every content, she’s depressing to look at imo.

Obviously you’re entitled to your own opinion… But if I can do the True Takedown with my build as easily as I did it, then she isn’t weak, the other VH’s are too powerful. You should not be able to takedown a raidboss in a matter of one, two, three, or even a dozen shots. Fl4k doesn’t need any work, really, other than reworking their pets, but Zane and Moze have unintended interactions happening that shouldn’t be. I think we’re going to see some major stuff done to both in the upcoming patch/dlc 6.

Endgame content should not be trivialized so easily by the ‘weakest’ VH. My rebuff to your challenges shows that Amara isn’t really weak, at all… It demonstrates that the other VH’s are too powerful. I’m telling you, Amara is used as the baseline VH. If any major rebalancing happens, it’s going to be inline with her current capabilities.

I have yet to experience my other VH’s being able to clear a mob like my Amara build can… She trivializes the crystal parts in True Guardian Takedown. Zane needs a specific setup with specific gear, whereas Amara needs Indiscriminate and then TTB plus just about any weapon in her hand and can make mobs vanish. Amara is an overall easier character to use. You can see in this video that her ability to quickly kill is not limited to TTB… Proper gear and shot setup results in not even having to use her AS: