M11 Hemovorous no move kill - FL4k

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That looks like Korean writing? Can you translate your gear/stats for us? I’m pretty sure the COM is a Red Fang, and there’s a terror anointment or two in there somewhere (probably ‘be terrorized on melee’ on the shield for free terror with that assault rifle, but what enhancement are you getting out of it)?

Also, why not use a Jabber (or even the ION Loader) with better ranged attacks? I’m guessing you’re using the Skag for the passives (since I see points in Barbaric Yawp)? I’ve never actually thrown either of those pets at the enemy myself, so maybe their damage isn’t that great either way, so throwing a pet with the better passives is best.

fascinating how neither health nor shield change at all

I wanted to show that Flack’s Gamma Burst skill reduces the difficulty.

@Diogenes49 That’s not correct.

@Adabiviak This looks like a Red Fang with apply terror on melee Blade Fury, possibly terror ammo regen on shield and damage and fire rate on terror on grenade? I am unclear what artifact, it looks like a Spark Plug of some description.

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knife drain static charge

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Thanks @edric… I’m not sure you had to go as far as disabling the controls to make the point, but we get it. :laughing:

The balance that can be cleared with one-handed play is emphasized.