M4 difficulty for moze without annointment

is it really necessary to have annointment to handle m4? aside from tediore chucks , i find that any build that doesn’t involve bloodletter is simply lacking damage . is there a build that is effective on m4 without the need of annointment/tediore chucks?

Going non annointed, 3 characters are seriously lacking and even puts amara a few steps back. Im sure there are some ways but i havn’t seen 1 yet that keeps up damage wise
Except for cheese strategy such as critswapping torgue stickies - which in itself is annoying at times

I main moze and the only real anointment I run is grenade toss. The rest are cd reduction for iron bear, most of my guns are random sure some have next two clips x damage but once ya swap it, it looses the extra damage so I try to not rely on those, currently able to run minesweeper, raging bear and ofc bloodletter. Only reason I don’t run the splash one is due to the fact I don’t have a lot guns that allow it to work properly. I’m usually running low clip smg pistols or shotguns like tiggs.

I hate Tediore Chuck… so I found a decent way around it. I’m able to solo tvhm/m4 through and through, and co op is a breeze cause well atm depending on spec it’s 25-45k shields (like minesweeper build has less than my shield of retribution.) most players run Fl4k and Amara in the raid… I’m always having to use iron bear to revive them xD and rarely do I die. If I am being really really bad and corner myself with four anointed in SS I can’t take the damage they output to my healing.

Tbh the best way to tackle m4 is with anointed gear like ase end gain two clips of damage. You just have to be mindful to not swap or you’ll loose the buff in which case I just toss a grenade and gain the damage that way cause my grenades usually have on grenade throw anointment.

can u make a showcase of ur mind sweeper running thru anvil?
i starting to feel mind sweeper simply isnt worth it . nade damage is equivalent to ur gun , with 25% proc simply weaker than bloodletter . the build require a lot of+ 30%Nade damage to somewhat making it worth using

I can later tonight :slight_smile: but that com tbh works best with high damage weapons like say tiggs will crit for 31k or more and combine with the grenade proc it’ll match it. I run maybe one 30% up on grenade but tbh I try for mag size or something else

The base damage of the nades match the gun damage, with the added benefit that those grenades can crit aswel and possibly proc another based on that critical

ill have to test if its true or not , my experience is a no . 30% rit from skill tree doesn’t work . but i do see some abnormal output from the nade on graveward