M4 exclusives escaping buffs

how do they keep doing this, they have managed to stay under the radad of buffing spree hat has been going on for half a year now. (oh ye moonfire got two buffs and still no on uses it me forghetti not)

but bro can we have like more smg’s in the game that do stuff and are not called flipper? ( don even mention blood starved beast just an ugly short fuse simulator)

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I call it now: yet another buff for Ten Gallon :rofl:

actually has good dmg needs actual fire rate of smg :smiley: if kaos can have 10-11 fire rate why is poor ten gallon stuck at 6

What’s even worse is the underperforming M6+ weapons. The Multi-Tap and D.N.A. need some attention.

Imo they’ve been going about balancing the wrong way since mayhem 2.0. It would have been sooo much less work to nerf the handful of overpowered weapons and buff entire weapon classes according to how each class falls short for each manufacturer (be it straight dps, fire rate, or even accuracy/mag size). This would have helped out all weapons not just select legendaries


they big afraidy of the N word man

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Can’t say I blame them, I wouldn’t want to deal with the lynch mobs either lol