M4 should have guaranteed or at least high chance of anoitments!

I play on M4 and never see any anoited legendaries this has to be a joke…

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bump lol

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Not gonna lie, running through a full circle of slaughter (SS) and finding 20+ legendaries only to have 1 or 2 anointed is demoralizing. And if you are lucky enough to find one anointed it is probably a Woodblocker or Boring Gun.

I just farm M3 SS because I can simply do it faster. Outside of M4-specific items, the other Mayhem levels are better for farming if you are looking for anointments.

I am to the point where if a legendary (non artifact/COM) isnt anointed, I dont even bother with it.

Non annointed legendaries arent just not good, they are pointless.

If you are playing M4 content, you need annointments.

M4 has a more generous drop rate, but when it comes to efficiency in farming, it is dead last.

hopefully gbx does another week where annointed drop rates are significantly increased.

I’d probably prefer that but making M4 permanenly 100% for everything to be annointed. I don’t feel like they would tackle the annointed problem soon so I figured why don’t they just slap 100% on M4 and maybe 50% on M3?

Also I been playing M4 with Moze but I think I need to go back to M3 permanently. M4 too slow and unrewarding at the same exact time. M3 feels just about perfect but annointeds needs a perm increase