M4 viable sniper moze

BM/SoR 0 blue skills sniper Moze

Second Wind is all the healing you need xD

This is a build (or playstyle) that focuses sniper rifles, with lots of scoping/ADS and can get away with 0 selfheals.

In the video sample below, the weapon used was a non-legendary, non-alien barrel Dahl sniper

Here is a more comprehensive list of snipers I tried and found to be at least good for soloing Slaughter Shaft and 1-player Maliwan Takedown:

Non-legendary, non-alien Dahl snipers SS/1p TD soloable

in terms of overall stats, diamondback > asp > rattler, the parts combination I recommend are:

  • 14 and 18 ammo magazine with full auto fire mode and 3.8x / 4x scope or 5.2x / 6x scope

  • 10 ammo magazine with semi-auto fire mode

Class Mod: Green monster, ideally with Dahl crit and sniper dmg

Non-alien Vladof snipers SS/1p TD soloable

An alternative to Dahl snipers above, the drawback is unlike Dahl, Vladof’s manufacture-specific bonus don’t have crit bonus. However Vladof weapons can have x2 projectiles, although I don’t recommend x2 if the mag size is lower than 20. The other fun part about Vladof weapons is the underbarrel, my favorite being the x2 rocket launcher, good for taking out of a group of weak enemies, and committing suicide…

Class Mod: Green Monster, ideally with sniper dmg and weapon dmg/mag size

AutoAimé SS/1p TD soloable

On paper, this weapon does more damage than a purple diamondback, but the special power of this weapon actually makes it harder to crit, unless you are at point blank range, so yea only use it when you feel suicidal xD

Class Mod: Green Monster, ideally with Dahl crit and sniper dmg

Unseen Threat SS soloable, still need to test in MTD

New weapon from the rarespawn Amach in Cursehaven in DLC2. On crit spawns 3 homing rockets, which can pack a serious punch if they homes back onto crit spots, but the homing ability of the rockets are not as good as Carrier’s so these rockets can also just miss and do nothing. Overall it is still a solid sniper rifle.

Class Mod: Marksman or Mindsweeper, ideally with Jakobs crit and sniper dmg. I have neither of those so currently using a… Blast Master with Jakobs crit and sniper dmg xD. In theory any COM with Jakobs crit and sniper dmg will do

Snipers For soloing True Takedown


even after the nerf it still deals a crazy amount of damage, as long as enemies are further than the point where bullets split into 3

Class Mod: Green Monster, ideally with sniper dmg and weapon dmg/mag size


after the… legendary buff, this thing … well basically just point it at a bandit and watch it turning into a mini vulcano

Class Mod: Green Monster, ideally with sniper dmg and weapon dmg/mag size

for all these weapons above, the anointment I recommend is +125% fire dmg for 2 mags. For Krakatoa +50% elemental dmg are ok too because that thing is OP anyways. I didn’t choose consecutive hits for snipers because the typical mag size and ammo capacity of snipers is too small for that. If I missed any good snipers out there, it’s either because they need SF to shine, or I never found/tried them xD


The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge or anything with snowdrift prefix will do. Random bonus should at least have +mag size. Ideally should be fire rate/mag size for pearl, and mag size/sniper dmg/incendiary dmg for others.


Use a defensive shield like Transformer/Back Ham/Re-Charger/Stop Gap with 50% elemental dmg ASE, if you are feeling brave you can also go for Re-Router/Version 0.m/Old God (fire)

Grenade Mod

other than for matching set bonus, literally anything can be used because you will mostly only use this slot for the 50% elemental dmg ASE anointment anyways

Skill Tree


Basically a Forge + SoR build, I didn’t put any point in Blue tree because with snipers there is a lot of ADS actions and throwing grenades kinda disrupts that, and IB here is used as a defensive tool or for triggering anointment. This build can also be used to run most of those OP full auto weapons out there and some of the OP semi auto weapons like Lucky 7 and Anarchy

here is a demo of what the playstyle is like in SS wave 5 vs the infamous “enemies gain +2 projectiles per shot”

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


Wow, that sniper does work. Can you get it with a burst fire mode?

You can, just got one.

yes Dahl snipers can spawn with 2 out of semi-auto, full-auto and burst fire mode

That was some nice game play! Especially around the 6 minute mark when you had the 2 badasses and the anointed Zealot and you used the Goliath to distract one while you dealt with the other. And no healing skill except IB as an oh â– â– â– â–  button.

Much respect :fist:

Salute! See, I WANT to be able to use a Dahl sniper like that, preferably with a semi auto and I believe a 2-shot burst fire. Problem is, without ammo regen, using that as a primary weapon…you’ll burn through it quickly. I regard a sniper like that as more a DMR than anything else, but still…damn nice job.

Really nice! Never thought of using DAHL snipers with Moze, I’m glad to see that it works!