[M4] Zane 3 minute Wotan kill no Gimmicks (Seein Dead / Barrier)

My PB so far. This new com is insanely strong and makes the raid very easy with multiple builds.




That was beautiful.

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Thank you. It certainly felt good. The best part is re-watching it I’m seeing places I can improve the time even more!


very nice !!

might dust off my zane sometime soon and give this class mod a try!


sorry for necro’ing your post, but curious…how are you keeping your barrier and drone always up?

In this case it’s interaction between skill Good Misfortune and COM Seein’ Dead. COM provides 8% chance to activate kill skills, and every time it happens your AS duration is refreshed.

You can also use cryo build for that and skill Calm, Cool, Collected.

Here is my kill in around 2m10s but could be done faster. Zane is very OP in Takedown with this build.