[MAC] El Capitan and Shift codes

Ever since I updated to El Capitan GM I can’t access the Extras -> Shift Code within the game. The error “Unable to communicate with Gearbox Software Shift Please try again later” is displayed.

I wonder if this is because the OS is unsupported. In order to rollback and test it again it would require a full wipe of my drive.

Tried unlinking the Steam account from shift website and relinking and nothing changed.

Any ideas?


Aspyr seems to have posted this indicating that they’re working on the issue.
I found in other discussions where this problem existed with Linux that someone used strace to conclude that the game was trying to access something it didn’t have permission for. Tried doing the same with dtruss but I couldn’t figure it out.

Last edit:

This seems to have been fixed in the latest game update, as of mid-October 2015.

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same as me dude how long would it take to fix

I made a couple of tickets.

One of the answers was “The update to resolve the issue on 10.11 is set to go live later this fall.”

Keep in mind that since this is a Mac port the responsibility is Aspyr’s, not Gearbox’s. They’re the ones in charge of updating our version.

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oooo you’re right, this problem showed when upgrading my OS captain and really do not know when they will repair or whom nothing T__T) this is very ugly

oooo tienes toda la razón, este problema se mostro cuando actualice mi OS capitan y la verdad no se cuando lo van a reparan o quien nada T__T) esto es bien feo

Exact the same problem with me and a new update et capitan for my iMac, I can’t have access to the gearbox sites…I, who relied heavily on new keys … shame